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In recent years, ACCORD also decides to expand the thinkings in new direction. Starting from current product range from suppliers, ACCORD has put efforts in the research for some good new ideas, directly connect to the products and people's daily bicycle life. We have all the complete information and products which match the market needs, customer can get into the market very easily in certain area of parts. Until now, we already work on the bicycle repair kits, and also the aftermarket bicycle parts. For coming future, we would like to include more different services, including graphic design, packaging design, and CI setting. We plan to offer full range of designing service for customers by constructing the outsourcing chains. Thus, customers can have prototype, unique painting design, packaging and web design from us. The efficiency of reaching potential customers will surprise you.

We expect these new service ideas to help our customers to get into the market more easily, by the minimum cost to achieve it. If you have any idea, or thinking that we might be helpful in any aspects, please feel free to tell us your plan. The result will be interesting!
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